Our Acro courses cater for advanced pilots who wish to improve their flying and Acro skills. The course is customized to suit each individual, and will usually concentrate on a certain group of maneuvers rather that trying to learn everything on one session. So after the introductory flight which usually consists of spins with full stall recoveries, the pilot will then choose to work on maneuvers like SAT and its relatives, dynamic maneuvers such as Rhythmic Spiral, Wing-Overs and Reversals or Helicopter, McTwist etc. For a pilot who is already proficient at these maneuvers, there is the opportunity to move up to Dynamic SAT & Tumble, linking of maneuvers, or Syncro flying with one of the instructors by getting both pilots aloft on a simul-tow!

We also offer Tandem Acro flights, where you will be shown maneuvers of your choice on Tandem, and then have the opportunity to try them from the front seat yourself under expert supervision.

For the expert only, there waits the opportunity to learn all the required knowledge about D-Bagging, and to do a drop from a tandem glider using a D-Bag supplied by us. You will learn how to pack your wing, and could even purchase a D-Bag from us.

Every Pilot who enrolled for the acro course left being able to SAT their glider. Most Pilots complete the course in 5 tows, additional tows being available for a nominal fee.

View the complete Acro Course Syllabus here.