Our success and popularity for SIV and Acro Training results from our team that work together to create a course that is on many levels one of the best in the world. The boats and winch also play a large role, and years of development, testing, and expense went into getting to where we are now. We have a really high turn around time on tows, and can therefore do many more flights per day. Each tow may be up to 1200m above the dam!

Walter's experience of teaching SIV, designing and testing paragliders, D-Bagging from helicopters and doing aerobatic displays at airshows, as well as flying paragliders to their limit in extreme conditions, and competitions, makes him the ideal instructor to guide you through your course. Courses are structured step by step, with each maneuver building experience and confidence for the next one.

Another huge advantage that we have is our location. Koppies Dam in the northern Free State offers us a smooth water surface with virtually no other traffic, launch sites for all wind directions, and beautiful lawn to prepare on all around the shore. We have conference facilities with a gigantic screen to project the days flying on for video reviews, with camping and chalets at the same venue.