Our SIV course offers skills improvement opportunities for all levels of pilot. Whether you are wanting to build your confidence after receiving your basic license, or needing to get to know your new comp ship before heading out to compete in the next PWC, we can help you get to grips with the characteristics of your wing, and teach you the best recovery techniques to keep you safe throughout your flying career.

The course runs at a individual pace, and each maneuver builds on the previous one. You will only progress to the next maneuver once you have mastered the preceding one.

The SIV course syllabus includes all the required maneuvers for the Sports License, but also includes many more optional maneuvers such as full stall, spin and reserve deployment.

Due to the high tows over the Dam, most pilots complete the course in three flights, doing several of each of the maneuvers, including the unspecified maneuvers for the Sports License.

View the complete SIV Course Syllabus here.